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Long Arm Machine Quilting on the Mornington Peninsula.

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QUILTING PIECES is a machine quilting business, owned and operated by Chris and Philip on the Mornington Peninsula. We opened our business in 2000 and offer a full quilting service. We have a wide range of continuous line patterns and provide custom quilting to suit your patchwork quilt top.


A loose meander all over the quilt top including in and around any appliqué


Selected from a wide variety, the pattern is stitched from edge to edge across and down the the quilt top. When placing an order for the quilting service, Chris can help you decide on a pattern that will complement your quilt top


Quilting that can include any of the following: Stitch in ditch, block patterns, around appliqué, custom borders

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i made this for S
Baby Quilts

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i had a great time doing this quilt. i had a great time doing this quilt.
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Finished Projects
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